Scott Valentine, began drawing as a young boy. His mother enrolled him in adult art classes in Boulder, Colorado when he was eight years old. Scott drew all the time, everywhere, on anything, using whatever he could get his hands on.

At age 15 Scott's art works had been displayed at the Union Carbide Building in New York City. Scott began selling his acrylic paintings at age 16. Mentored and encouraged by his father, an illustrator and painter, Scott also studied with Colorado artists and teachers Ken Fisher, Rick Sinner, and Fred Niles, and with sculptor Dee Clements of Loveland fame. Scott studied Fine Art at Metropolitan State College in Denver, and the University of Northern Colorado. He graduated with honors from Colorado Institute of Art, Communication Technology. As a teenager Scott met Andy Warhol, Ansel Adams, and Colorado artist Vance Kirkland. These artists influenced Scott with their strong work ethic and originality. Scott told Andy Warhol he had done a report on him in High School for an English class, Andy asked what he got for a grade, Scott said "a B," Warhol laughed and said, "that figures." Today, Scott calls himself 'The Imperfectionist Painter.' His art is fun, bright, simple. In addition to painting, Scott designs art that works and is as functional as it is fun to look at. Scott lives and works in Arizona, 14 miles South of Red Mesa, in the Sweetwater Chapter of the Navajo Reservation at Immanuel Mission. Immanuel Mission is a K-12 Christian School which began in an abandoned trading post in 1924. He drives a school bus and helps with maintenance, "I can see Monument Valley from my bus route." Contact OR Scott Valentine C/O Immanuel Mission P.O. Box 1080 Teec Nos Pos, AZ. 86514 scoot_head_shot

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